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DPF Cleaning

DPF cleaning with Dr Carbon Cleanings mobile services

Diesel Particulate filters {DPF} have been designed to meet on going changes in emission's regulations. Since 2007 DPF systems have become a standard part of the modern exhaust as a new way of reducing pollution. This is proving to be very success, but, with new technology comes new problems.

DPF Info:
The DPF is designed to collect soot which can build up on the walls of the filter it then creates a back pressure in the exhaust system reducing vehicle performance and efficiency. To keep the system clean a process called 'regeneration' is used. This is when the exhaust temperature rises to 500 degrees centigrade and burns the soot clearing the system.

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There are a few reasons why the DPF can become blocked, driving styles. This can be that the vehicle is used for short journeys and doesn’t get the chances to reach 'regeneration' temperature. Even due to using cheap fuels with low quality performance. When a DPF becomes blocked the vehicle can go into limp mode sending a warning, such as the engine management light. This will reduce the vehicle speed and overall performance. A system designed to prevent causing further damage to the engine until the problem is fixed.


DPF systems are expensive and can cost between £800-£1500 for replacement. Regeneration is also time consuming and costly. Because of problems faced by the modern diesel driver we have tried and tested a range of DPF products, and we are now using the best of them to maintain our customer's vehicles.

DPF Cleaning Blocked filter
If your vehicle has been diagnosed with a blocked filter and a manual 'Regeneration' doesn't clean it through, or if the performance is still suffering. We provide a cheaper solution, before changing the DPF. A Two stage clean and flush. This is done by injecting the DPF with a cleaning solution that is designed to break soot down, followed by a solution that flushes the filter and ensures that the system is clean. Then we introduce a fuel treatment that continues to clean and maintain your DPF.

The products we use have been tested by the manufacture's and are suitable for all diesel makes and models.

Although we have only been using the product for a short time it has achieved 100% success rate to date.